• Meeting Ally. When do you solidify your strongest and most valuable friendships? Highschool – because your live in the same neighborhood and have grown up together? University,

  • My baby is just about 4 months old now, and I’m ready for my long-forgotten beach bod to re-emerge. I expected the weight gain from pregnancy, the stretchmarks and even the varicos

  • The day before lockdown in South Africa, we took the dogs for a run. Well… Garon took the dogs for a run, while I tried to keep up. Watching them from behind, I saw both our little

  • Our flight was boarding at 16H00. “We have loads of time”, she said at 15H55. So we continued to walk at a leisurely pace towards the gate where the expected long, winding queue aw

  • Now I’ve never been a sporty gal, so I knew I would only be leading the pack in administration and not in stride. I knew I would be slow. I knew they would run harder and faster th

  • My bestie, Tam, got married last month – yay! And I was obvs her maid of honour… or dishonour as she called it. There were two bridesmaids; one of which was Tam’s closest friend at

  • “A MARSHMALLOW DIPPED IN CHILLI SAUCE” That’s how my brother described me in his wedding speech over 10 years ago. At the time I thought, “Marshmallow? I’m not soft!”, “Chilli? I d


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