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My feet have grown – WTF!?

My baby is just about 4 months old now, and I’m ready for my long-forgotten beach bod to re-emerge. I expected the weight gain from pregnancy, the stretchmarks and even the varicose veins – but hell…I did not expect my feet to grow a size bigger! Um….. how did I not know this was a thing!?

I mean what now? At almost 38, I have a closet full of shoes…. that all won’t fit. The quintessential black heel that I keep for the odd wedding (and definitely don’t want to purchase again), my comfy boots that have seen me through all my snowy travels – from Russia to NYC, the summer flops, my wedding pumps and the slippers – oh my many many pairs of slippers. I know I sound melodramatic, but this is a big deal for me. Shoe size is something that seems constant in your adult life. No matter what weight I gain or lose, my shoes always fit. And on some strange sentimental level, I always remember the travels they’ve been on and all the ground they’ve touched.

Garon thinks this is quite funny and that I should just embrace this new version of myself; channel my inner Carrie Bradshaw and just buy new shoes. I mean he’s not wrong, but embracing this new me is easier said than done, right?

I suppose it’s similar to where I’m at in business at the moment.

Going into our first lockdown last year I expected certain “consequences” for the business. I expected we’d make less money and I expected for us to all to have to work flippin hard.

But I didn’t expect the seemingly permanent shift in mindset of our clients and employees.  Having to present work in virtual meetings looking at no faces, the fatigue of meeting upon meeting and the tricky task of building team morale with zero contact. The main take-out being that my company is definitely different to what it used to be a year ago – changes that were sudden, yet feel permanent. I don’t think we’ll go back to our normal “size”. Everyone is now used to this different way of working. It’s the same team, same work, just…well – different.

The only thing we can do, is what Garon suggests – find a new fit and keep moving 🙂

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  • Anne Cook
    Posted at 19:13h, 20 January Reply

    Such a good perspective

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